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Mar 03, 2013 at 07:47 AM

Relation SAP EHS / SAP EHS Component Extension 3.0


Dear all

based on result of discussion in I would like to dig deeper in SAP EHS Component Extension (abbreviated in this thread as EHSM) to understand this application better.

Based on explanation of Mahesh in the thread as mentioned above:

Usually in 'Product Safety' the MSDS output of the Substance will be stored in DMS (whether its from WWI or Vendor MSDS upload as PDF or Word format) therefore the documents (output of PDF or word MSDS) assigned to the substance will automatically be attached to the chemical object. This automate to EHSM will happen using:

R_EHFND_FILL_CHM_BY_EHS_SUBST (as a source for the chemical agent)

R_EHFND_FILL_REGL_BY_EHS_SUBST (as a source for the listed substance and its OEL in the regulatory list)

First some statements

Using some configuration etc. there is the option to transfer data from SAH EHS to SAP EHSM including e.g. MSDS using the above mentioned reports. This configuration seems to be very flexible but starts from hitlist in EHS


1.) the location is located somethere (e.g. in France); therefore I assume that is possible by configuration to make available on location level only a MSDS which is valid in France. Correct?

2.) I assume by doing the configuration properly only documents of type "released" will show up in EHSM. Correct ?

3.) Normally in EHS you have only a "raw report" in context of MSDS ant not the final report (e.g. sales org etc.). I assume that you can only "attach" to the location the raw report and not the final one (not talking about raw material supplier MSDS which are handled normally using pdf files). Correct?

4.) There is no option to use a "query" in EHS to start the process of data tarnsfer dynamical. Only hitlist is supported. Correct?

5.) Is there the option to handle more than "MSDS" on location level? e.g. MSDS and SOP? The SAP help does not explain that.