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Mar 01, 2013 at 07:43 PM

Changes in planning book



My apo team is adding some new kf in apo planning book so there will be chnages in planning area as well..

One they add new kf in planning book they get automatically added to my data sources based on Std aggregation level like MALO.

Extract structure gets changed as well automatically.

During production move they are going to re initialise planning area but my ques is

What is impact on data source in bw based on malo ,mala?.

My req is to pull those kf to bw as well but in case we are not doing change at the same to ears apo.

What is impact on bw malo data sources ?.is there chance that extraction will fail after apo transport move to production?..

Do I need to replicate and transport my data sources at the time when their transport is going ?.

Please advise ..what shall I do in this case...