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Mar 01, 2013 at 02:05 PM

Odd numbered PR00 Price with 50% discount - rounding issue / message F5702


Hi all

There is probably a really obvious answer to this but we can't see it so need some help.

In our SAP Sales system, we are using a copy of the RVAA01 pricing procedure and have condition type PR00 at the top of the procedure, we are using it as our "standard price".

We also have "discount %" conditions (which are based on condition records) in our pricing procedure along with a manual discount % which is keyed in by the end user.

The issue we are seeing is if we have PR00 price that is an odd number, when we apply a 50% discount (applied via a condition record), and the user keys in a manual discount % of 50%, when it comes to billing, the billing document cannot be transferred to accounting due to the following error :

Balance in transaction currency

Message no. F5702


A balance has occurred in transaction currency 'GBP' with the following details:

Exchange rate '00', amount ' 0.01' and currency key 'GBP'.

The data in the transaction currency were transferred from the calling application.

System Response

Your data cannot be processed in FI.


The error is probably in the calling application


PR00 price = £383.75

% Discount (condition record) = 50% - £191.88

Manual Discount % = 50% - £191.88

Total discount £383.76 - which is 1p higher than the PR00 price.

Other than ask our pricing team to adjust all our odd PR00 prices by 1p, can anyone suggest any possible solutions ? Has anyone else come across this issue ?

Kind Regards

Clare Lees