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Mar 01, 2013 at 09:30 AM

How to remove the namespace/prefix n0


Hi Webservice Gurus,

I have created a client proxy for the provided WSDL by our client. The generated proxy is already existing in SOAMANAGER I have also created the default Logical Port. However when I would execute it via SE80 > Enterprise Services > Client Proxies > Enter Port. The display request has the namespace "n0".

- <n0:Employe xmlns:n0="urn:RHPAIE/service">

- <Detail>

<message>Str 7</message>



Is this normal? How can I change this?. Because the client is telling me that "they hard code their webservice so that they can accept n0 prefix, but they have their own standard prefix that was in the wsdl and we need to comply."

Appreciate if you could you let me know where I can change/modify this prefix?

Many thanks for your time.