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Mar 01, 2013 at 02:33 AM

How to scroll GUI table in VB



I'm having trouble with a GUI table automation through VB (GuiTableControl.)

What is the best way to run though each row in a table - if i want to extract all values in a table not

just those displayed on the screen.

eg 4 rows are display on the screen. But if the table contain more entries, how do I move the

table to the fifth row.

oidtable.verticalScrollbar.Position = 4 ' fifth row..

sometime works and other times crashes..

is there a better way to move through all items one by one...not just the ones displayed..

The rows collection , contains rows on the screen.

This can get rows but again it only work for the four rows displayed on the screen rows (0-3)


how do i get the fifths row in a table..