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Feb 28, 2013 at 10:12 PM

Event Creation for Employee


I have a question regarding Event Creation for the Employee Object. I would like to emit an event anytime and employee is created, changed or deleted in SAP.

I have done this in the past for Sales Order using Business Object Sale Order (BUS2032). When I go into transaction SWO2 I go under Personnel Administration and there is an Object Type - Employee(BUS1065) and Object Name Employee Absract....see below. Does anyone know if this is the correct one to monitor. I plan to configure it so that when a change is done to the Employee it will emit a RFC syncronous call from SAP to a Receiver that will allow me to monitor in a BAM type dashboard.

So, if anyone know if that is the correct object please let me know. Thanks

Personnel Management

Recruitment Personnel Administration

EmployeeAbstract Employee