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Former Member
Aug 16, 2005 at 06:27 AM

Unicode active problem


Hi all

I had activated the unicode checks in abap program.Now i am facing problem in program which have Read DATAset clause. In Unicode wherevr i know we can download the file from app. server in string type. Now when i am splitting the screen using offset its working perfect for the fields that are of char type.But for the database fields that are type P are throwing short dumps.For Ex:

t_itab-bdmeng = w+strng120(12).

bdmeng(type p field)

w+strng120(12). string that has fetch value from app. server of type p value.

At this point it gave short dump.And the Dump says that t_itab-bdmeng is type p and therefore not compatible.

So the main prblm is when i fetch the type p value from application server into string type and then pass the value to type p Database field this gaves error.

So can please anyone suggest the solution for this.

It will be great help.