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Feb 27, 2013 at 07:11 AM

Rapid Mart AP & GL installation question


I have installed the SAP AP & GL RapidMarts. I followed the bundled documentation RM_QUICK_Guide_EN_XX.doc. But then I found that I missed one step in between. In section 3.1.11 "Create Universe Connections" in RM_QUICK_Guide_EN_XX.doc, it mentioned that I need to use the information design tool to find the connection "CHANGING_THIS" and make it to point to the right database. Now the problem is, I have installed 2 RapidMarts. The AP RapidMarts uses the database RM_AP and the GL RapidMarts uses the database RM_GL. But there is only one connection "CHANGING_THIS". Suppose this connection needs to be changed so that the bundled WEBI reports and universes can be used. But since there is only one "CHANGING_THIS", if I change it to point to the RM_AP database, then that means the GL ones would not work? Now I am really confused and I'm not sure what should I do! Any Rapid Mart experts out there can offer me some advice?

Thank you.

Brian Hui.