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Deleting rows not supported for object Fiscal IDs for BP Master Data.

Jan 06, 2017 at 06:42 PM


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Hi all...

Another problem with our integration here, and I hope you can help me again =D

We're sending a BP master data (Insert, Update, Delete) from one database to another database through XML.

First, before saving the XML, we're setting the XmlExportType like this:

oCompany.XmlExportType = BoXmlExportTypes.xet_ExportImportMode;

When the action is an update, we're doing something like this:

oBusinessPartners.Browser.ReadXml(_file, 0);

if (oBusinessPartners.Update() != 0)

On that point, oCompany.GetLastErrorDescription returns "Deleting rows not supported for object Fiscal IDs for BP Master Data."

This occurs in some cases, for example, when the BP has an address updated/removed or when the Fiscal Tax IDs has an update.

Now, how to solve this?

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1 Answer

DIEGO LOTHER Jan 09, 2017 at 01:12 AM

Hi Eduardo,

Maybe this is a bug or this resource is not provide in the DI API. I searched a little about it and I found a lot of thread with this error, when the users try to update the Business Partner via DTW, B1if and DI-API, the first two situations use DI API too.

I ran this code:

                BusinessPartners oBp = oCompany.GetBusinessObject(BoObjectTypes.oBusinessPartners);
                    oBp.FiscalTaxID.Address = "abc";

                    if(oBp.Update() != 0)

and receive the same error that you mentioned. Then, I believe that is can be a bug, because the message is not compatible with the code.

Kind Regards,

Diego Lother

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