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Feb 27, 2013 at 04:51 AM

Selecting a row does not fetch data



I followed this ( guide to create an SAPUI5 app getting data from the ECC server. We have gateway installed in our ECC system.

As per the document, when I select a user from the table, it should show the user's roles and profiles in different tabs. But when I select a user, I am not getting the roles or profiles - the table just says No data.

Here is the code I am using:

//on select of record call the ODATA READ service and show more details about user. userDetailsTable.attachRowSelect(function(oEvent) { var currentRowContext = oEvent.getParameter("rowContext"); var selectedUserID = oModel.getProperty("username", currentRowContext); //Here I am using datajs API to call the READ operation and setting the values to individual UI elements."http://gatewaysrvr:8000/sap/opu/odata/sap/Z_USER_RFC_RIS/z_user_rfc_risCollection('"+selectedUserID+"')", function (response) { sap.ui.getCore().getControl("title_cb_m").setValue("Mr."); sap.ui.getCore().getControl("firstname_tf_m").setValue(response.firstname); sap.ui.getCore().getControl("lastname_tf_m").setValue(response.lastname); sap.ui.getCore().getControl("language_tf_m").setValue(response.language); sap.ui.getCore().getControl("department_tf_m").setValue(response.department); sap.ui.getCore().getControl("telephone_tf_m").setValue(response.telephone); sap.ui.getCore().getControl("e_mail_tf_m").setValue(response.e_mail); sap.ui.getCore().getControl("country_cb_m").setValue(; sap.ui.getCore().getControl("city_tf_m").setValue(; }); //userProfileDetailsTable.bindRows(currentRowContext+"/profiles_r");//(You can use the below syntax also) userProfileDetailsTable.bindRows("/z_user_rfc_risCollection('"+selectedUserID+"')"+"/profiles_r"); //The beauty is, you need not to map individual columns. Based on the value field mapping table column and fields in OData service it automatically maps the data. //userRolesDetailsTable.bindRows(currentRowContext+"/activitygroups_r");//(You can use the below syntax also) userRolesDetailsTable.bindRows("z_user_rfc_risCollection('"+selectedUserID+"')"+"/activitygroups_r"); });

I am able to access this service from browser:


Please let me know how to get the data to a table when I select a particular row.