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Aug 15, 2005 at 12:42 PM

What is going wrong ? - SSO with Logon Tickets


Hi all gurus ,

I am trying to establish the SSO between my portal ( SP9 on WAS J2ee SP9 ) and my R3 ( ECC 5.0 SP 7 on WAS ABAP SP11 ).

I had done all the obvious for the SSO configuration but it fails . The SM50 transaction says no user founds as shown below ...


N Mon Aug 15 07:29:50 2005

N dy_signi_ext: SSO TICKET logon (client 110)

N mySAPUnwrapCookie: was called.

N HmskiFindTicketInCache: Trying to find logon ticket in ticket cache.

N HmskiFindTicketInCache: Try to find ticket with cache key: 110:4C75680AC527A17DC0B0046C8FED4B0E .

N HmskiFindTicketInCache: Logon ticket found in ticket cache.

N HmskiFindTicketInCache: Ticket information in ticket cache is: <USER>= ,<CLIENT>=110

N HmskiFindTicketInCache: no <LANGUAGE>= field found.

N HmskiFindTicketInCache: Ticket information in ticket cache read successfully.

N DyISigni: client=110, user= , lang=E, access=R, auth=T

<b>N nousrrec: no user record found - logon rejected</b>

N save user time zone = > < into spa

N DyISigni: return code=1 (see note 320991)

M ***LOG R68=> ThIRollBack, roll back () [thxxhead.c 12372]


The BOLD region is making the issue .

Following are the things I had done so far .

1. Created the verify.der

2. Using STRUSTSSO2 , imported and added into System PSE , added to certification list and Add the ACL list

3. In ACL , I have given system ID as 'EPD'and client as '110'( This is the client I can access my ECC system )

4.Under the Direct Editing of System Administration -> System Configuration -> UM Configuration as login.ticket_client=110 ( By default it was 000)

5.Using RZ10 ,the default profile , I have updated the parameters login/accept_sso2_ticket=1 and login/create_sso2_ticket=0 and restarted the system

Pls advice , what else is missing ?

I have following questions .

1. Inorder the designate Portal as ticket issuing system , do I need to configure any thing else ? Some document say , I dont need to change any setting to accomplish this..Is that right ?

2. I know , The login module , CreateTIcketLoginModule is responsible for create the tickets , but for which applications I need to do this ?

2. How can I make my WAS J2ee as ticket issuing server , is there any advantage over the previous one ?

Pls revert