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Feb 25, 2013 at 05:32 PM

DR Setup on SQL Server 2005


Hi Gurus,

I am going to setup DR System as PRD system, am very new to DR setups kindly help me on this.

Here am going to follow this procedure, please correct me if am wrong.

1. I need to request a license for DR server and here no extra cost is required for this server.

2. Request a hardware same as Production system.

3. It is a New system so I am going to install new server with backup/restore method of PRD.

4. Stop SAP and Setup Log shipping from Live Server to DR Server.( Here i want to know more like what are different types of methods we have?)

Kindly answer below my doubts also:

Here how to setup log shipping from Live server to DR Server?

When disaster happen, what are the steps need to be performed to make DR Server available for business?

How much time it is required to make the system available to users?

How much estimated data loss will be there?



DR Setup for Production on SQL Server 2005