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Aug 14, 2005 at 03:16 PM

Advise in process chain design


Dear Experts,

I have a complex issue here in case of design of a process chain. In our system, data is loaded from R/3 to ODS1 -ODS2-Cube.

The data is loaded to the ODS1 and ODS2 everyday but the data is loaded to cube for every 15 days. There is a program that has to be run before loading the data to cube. The program uses two different kinds of calendars X1 and X2(not both at the same time) and each calendar is one month apart. For example if X1 has Aug 1st as date in it, the next date in X1 would be Sept 1st and the X2 has dates in such a way that the date is Aug 15th and the next date in X2 is Sept.15th. So, as the system uses both the calendars, it uploads data to cube every 15 days.

Now I have to make a process chain in such a way that the data gets loaded into the ODS1 and ODS2 eveyday and for every 15 days to the cube using two different calendars. I made a process chain for loading till ods2 and then two different local chains for loading cube. One calendar is given in each start condition. Now I don't know how to integrate the whole chain!

I appreciate anybody's help or advise. ery much.

Thank you v