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Wrong Gross Weight in Delivery

Dear SAP Gurus

When I make delivery against the order for a product, the batch determination does batch split correctly, picks batches on FEFO basis and populates the Delivery Qty as per availability. But it doesnt calculate the Gross weight for Delivery Quantities correctly. This happens randomly for all or some of the subitems. A scenario is below:

An SO has an Product "A" of 100 cartons. Whe delivery is made, the batch determination does batch split. Say 5 batches are availbel of 20 cartons each. 20 cartons are picked from each batch. Now , the Gross wieght/Unit in Material master for "A" is 1.081 Kg, volume 0.863 CCM  and conversion is as below :

240 EA each <=> 48 L 10 CAR Carton <=> 48 L

The gross weight that is calculted by the system for each sub item should be 20*1.081*4.8=103.776 KG, but it always misses out the Gross wieght/Unit and gives the wrong Gross wieight 96 Kg.

This happens randonly for all subitems, for few (last 2 subitms).It happens for some SKUs and not for all.

The checklist I have checked is :

1. Delivery qty picked automatically

2. The Conversions that are picked in SO.

3. Deleted the automatic Batch split and did the batch split manually. Still the weights comes wrong.

Please help me resolve this issue

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4 Answers

  • Feb 23, 2013 at 03:24 PM

    I think you missed some data in your material master maintenance.

    You did not say what your base unit is.

    If you go into the alternative units then you can maintain a gross weight for each alternative unit. if you never saw the gross weight field there, then you should scroll to the right, there are much more fields than the few fields that are shown directly.

    if do not maintain a gross weight to all alternative units. then gross weight from the base unit is used to calculate the gross weight for the alternative. (using the rule of proportion)

    you said it calculates to 96, this is telling me that you do not have the tare weight included to your gross weight.

    Further, keep in mind, that a change in material master does not affect existing sales orders and deliveries. Those existing orders have to be changed manually

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    Feb 25, 2013 at 10:13 AM


    CAn you please suggest a solution from your area of expertise as to why system is doing this . Ill be grateful

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  • Feb 25, 2013 at 09:42 PM

    IS-OIL is a special industry solution from SAP to cover the needs of Oil and Gas industry.

    Many OSS notes with bug fixes especially in the area of gross weight calculation in delivery notes are related to this relatively new Industry solution.

    Catch weight is an industry-specific function for the food industry to carry out processes with independent units. this is another big area which has a lot OSS notes with bug fixes.

    As you already see, I think it is caused by a bug.

    From personal experience I would rather suspect the error in own coding in user exits than in SAP coding.

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    • for OSS access and note search I suggest you approach your Basis team. It does not make much sense to post OSS numbers if you cannot access them, and posting of the entire note is forbidden.

      I will not help you anyway, as bug fixes have to implemented in SAP, and for this you need to have access to download the notes anyway.

      And finding information for catch weight management is very easy by using Google.

      Just type: catch weight management

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    May 13, 2013 at 06:33 AM

    Hello Akber,

    I have seen the snap you attached and as you told, you produce the finished Goods in Cartons and you sale it in carton then why are you keeping Base UOM as Liters.

    In my opinion, maintaining BUOM for this product as Carton will solve your problem.



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