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Feb 22, 2013 at 10:23 PM

PDF RAW data to SAP printer


Hi All,

I have RAW data in my internal table and I can download the data to my PC and save it as PDF . I can send the RAW data as an Email Attachment .

The other Option I need to do is I need to Print the RAW data .

The Options that I have tried.

1) I tried using F/M RSPO_SX_OUTPUT_DEVICEDATA it printed the data to printer where the Borders are not coming and the Log is not coming entirely. and the 2nd Page with terms and conditions is coming junk.

2) Used the Function Module ADS_SR_OPEN, ADS_GET_PATH , ADS_SR_CONFIRM and ADS_SR_CLOSE where the output is same as above . But when I go to SP01 to see the spool , I can see the PDF looking correctly but print is not coming .

3) Download the file to Fronted on the PC and used CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES=>EXECUTE to print , it printed both the pages correctly but again the Borders are gone and Logo is not complete.

Now when I down load the raw data to front end and if I open that PDF and give it to printer then its working fine.

Now I want your help in printing this RAW data to the printer . As said options above are already tried. So please suggest me with your help and opinions.