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Feb 22, 2013 at 07:37 PM

Full eCommerce Functionality with Magento Connector for SAP ByDesign / Business One


Now more than ever before, maintaining a competitive edge require consistently delivering your products faster, cheaper, and more conveniently - all without increasing prices. This is typically done via eCommerce, and in fact the term "eCommerce" is today's most commonly-used term in the internet world. And what's cooler is that eCommerce used to be only something that big corporations could pallette from both a bandwidth and cost perspective. This notion was also true for ERP platforms. But, no more. Many of you reading this post may have heard of SAP and the offerings they have for small-midsize businesses; and many of you may have heard of Magento. But were you aware that the solutions like SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign can be fully integrated with a Magento online storefront/shopping cart? What is the integration called? Navigator iConnect.

What does it do?

The eCommerce iConnect for SAP Business One provides a seamless mthod to completely integrate your SAP Business One system with your current or future eCommerce website. Through this connection, orders from your website will automatically be loaded into your SAP solutions - accompanied by an alert letting you know an order has arrived.

Furthermore, as briefly mentioned above, this connection leverages the best-of-breed functionality of SAP for small business and proven eCommerce packages, namely Magento and Yahoo! store. Simply put, now there's no need to settle for a non-funtioning website or a less powerful, less powerful ERP system. This connector enables the fullest of world-class functionality, and the seamless sharing of data between the two.

Diving deeper, the Magento/SAP integration enables you to input full features lists, thus enabling complete synchronization of item master records, pricelists, special/volume pricing, item inventory, sales taxes, business partners, orders, deliveries, shipping & tracking, and credit card payments.

So what's the catch?

Simply put, there isn't one besides you just contacting Navigator With the SAP/Magento integration, there is no need to customize your website to accommodate iConnect. Whether you already have a online storefront, or your need to create one, the iConnect tool is a simple, two-way connector/translators between your SAP system and the eCommerce website. Also, if you have not made the leap to ERP, and you have not set up your online store, Navigator can guide you and assist you the purchasing, implementation, and training of such, making your online business churn & burn quicker, and your business delivering more profitability to your bottom line than ever before; simply due to using two world-class solutions that now work together to build your business.