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Feb 22, 2013 at 04:54 PM

Using guid's as primary keys in Powerbuilder



I have been tasked with researching the use of guid's as primary keys in our Powerbuilder applications.

We currently transfer data between databases and often across different database vendors (Oracle, SQL Server, and Adaptive Server Anywhere). We currently maintain ids and manage those ids during the data transfer to ensure that duplicates do not exist in the destination db. Our system works well however it is very time consuming. We would like to move towards guids so that we can eliminate the need to manage the ids during transfer.

I have found examples of how to generate guids using Powerbuilder (ll_result = PBObject.GenerateGUID (REF ls_GUID) ) but I am looking for feedback on the best or easiest method to use for generating guids within a Powerbuilder application.