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Aug 12, 2005 at 07:23 PM

How to reference my Portal Service in Web DynPro?


Hi all,

I have created a Portal Service using the instruction from "Portal SDK -> Creating Web Service".

I can see the Service in the Portal and I can also execute it by entering its url to get the wdsl.

However, I can not reference it from Web DynPro (WD).

My WD ear is deployed but I'm getting an exception when I try to launch the WD application:

"Reason: it has hard reference to resource NewParProject with type application, which is not active on the server.

" - You can exchange NewParProject with whatever I tried as reference.

I simply don't know what to put in the "Sharing References" tab and I think I tried everything..

The following is a part of my portalapp.xml:



<property name="SharingReference" value="">






<service alias="MyTimeService" name="MyTimeService">


<property name="className" value="">


Entries I tried as a reference are: (which is btw. my par name)

Any help would be appreciated