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Jan 06, 2017 at 04:31 PM

Deficit of Delivered quantity - Message No. M7328

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Hi All

I have looked at similar questions but have not found the same characteristics hence this post.

We receipted a material for unrestricted stock PO and it was placed in stock and then issued to a planned network reservation. OK, so far...

We need to reverse the booking in as the wrong PO was used. So, I have reversed the issue and placed in to stock (showing in LS24)

Now I go to reverse the original material document for the GR and I get the message of

Deficit of Delivered quantity 1.000 EA : 505238 1006 0001

Message No. M7328

Material is 505328, qty 1 EA, plant 1006 SLoc 0001.

We do not use inbound deliveries.

The stock in the storage bin is confirmed as putaway and is unrestricted.

The PO is for unrestricted stock. There are no open picks for the part.

Why can I not reverse the PO? I have tried MBST, MIGO and MBRL but not success.

Any ideas?