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Feb 21, 2013 at 11:42 AM

User getting assigned to default role in MDM 7.1



We have an issue in our MDM System.

We cannot create any user without assigning any role to them (unlike other SAP ABAP Systems, where we can create users without roles).

When we try to create user without any role, it automatically takes the SAP Delivered Default Role.

Hence if any user has left the company and we want to delete user's roles in MDM we are unable to do that because when we are removing all the roles, it is automatically taking Default Role.

Is there anyway to resolve this issue. Can't we have a user in MDM without any role assigned to it. If not, is there anyway we can replace this Default Role with Display. I mean that on removing all the roles from user id it doesn't take the Default Role, but takes the Display Role instead.

Are there any options in MDM.