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DR setup for Sybase ASE via log shipping

Hi Folks;

Can some one help me with providing a procedure document for DR setup for Sybase ASE.

Also would appreciate if you can answer below questions related to it

1) Do we need any other agents apart from for DR setup .

2) What happens in an actual DR scenario?

3) How we ensure that data is consistent at the Secondary site (DR site)?


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2 Answers

  • Jan 06, 2017 at 05:46 PM

    You've posted the same question here and under the SAP/Sybase Replication Server (SRS) tag (DR setup for ASE 16.0).

    Here you mention 'log shipping' in the subject/title, while your post under the SRS tag would seem to imply you're considering using Replication Server. [NOTE: 'log shipping' and Replication Server are two completely different solutions with very little in common.]

    It's also not apparent (to me) if you're working in a SAP application environment (where ASE is the runtime/backend database) or a non-SAP (aka 'custom application') environment. [NOTE: Setting up DR in a SAP environment typically consists of following a very specific set of SAP-supplied steps and notes, while setting up DR in a 'custom application' environment can vary widely based on individual environment requirements.]

    Lastly (for now), how do you intend to use the DR site? Cold standby in case the primary goes down? Warm/Hot standby to service read-only query requests? Something else? [NOTE: Not all DR solutions can support all DR usage scenarios, ie, which DR solution to use 'depends' on your requirements.]


    It would be helpful if you could supply more details on your environment, as well as the DR method (log shipping vs Replication Server) you're looking to implement.

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    Jan 06, 2017 at 07:40 PM

    Hi Mark;

    Thanks a lot for your response.

    I am looking to set a DR for SAP application environment with Sybase ASE as database.

    I am trying to implement a scenario where my secondary site is replicated with data from the primary site and in case my primary goes down i should be able to bring up my secondary site with least data loss.

    Also i want timely validation that my secondary site data is consistent with my Primary site.

    I am open to use log shipping or Data replication , whichever is easier to setup and cost effective.

    Let me know if this explain my requirement clearly.


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    • Since you're running a SAP application, it's my understanding that SAP already has 'official/supported' DR designs in place, in which case you'll need to find the appropriate kba/notes. [While I support ASE, and Repserver, I do not support SAP applications so I'm not familiar with SAP/DR solutions..]

      To make matters more (?) confusing, there are currently 2 different tags for ASE ... this tag (Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise) and the tag 'SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise'. To widen your potential audience (eg, get the attention of folks with SAP Application/DR setup experience) I'd suggest you add some additional tags to your post (eg, add 'SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise', perhaps 'SAP Landscape Transformation' (yet another DR/replication solution?), plus any tags you can find for your particular SAP application).