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Former Member
Feb 19, 2013 at 03:57 PM

How to run eCATT script for WebDynpro with more than one variants?


Hi experts and fellow sufferer,

At the moment I'm facing a problem while running an already recorded script to create some objects in a certain WebDynpro application.

The recording of the process is no problem, everything works fine. Now I set my import parameter to provide the necessary information to create a new object. When I run this parameterized script with just one set of parameters (to create a new object) everything works as expected. The new group-object is created and saved successfully. If i try to run the same script once again (with a different group-name because it must be unique) it fails!?!? The errormessage is: "

The action to be executed is not on the list of possible actions for the current Web Dynpro screen. This was probably caused by a change in the flow of the test. Troubleshooting: Run in the foreground". (I was already in the forground)

After havy investigation I'm pretty shure that the cause for this error is the new group-object which was generated in the first run. Because now there is a new element which was not there when I recorded the scipt. Is this really the way eCATT works with WebDynpro? How can I run my script with 5 or 7 variants?

(Hopefully I do something wrong otherwise eCATT is useless for testing WebDynpro applications.)

Best Regards, Rolf