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Aug 12, 2005 at 04:10 AM

Huge issue in BW: Calculated key figures from multicubes before aggregation



I am calculating a total using a calculated key figure

that has one key figure from a cube and two other key figures from another cube.

Also I factor the total using a variable with a replacement path on the dummy attribute (Constant) to "force" the calculation at the material level.

Calculated Cost = Cost1(from CUBE1) / Quantity1(from CUBE1) * Quantity2(from Cube2) * ZVRMATER1(Formula variable with replacement path on the dummy attribute from 0material)


If I split the calculation this works before aggregation at the material level. In other words, this works fine using calculations that use key figures that must be calculated before aggregation if they all are from the same cube at the time. The required formula above will not work (zero divide) since during selection the OLAP processor retrieves in phases and with value 0 from the key figure of CUBE2.

We could use a restricted key figure for quantity2 in the calculation but then the calculation will not happen at the material level before aggregation.

Any suggestion on how to solve this without new back-end development?

Can we force OLAP to "wait" for values from CUBE2 before doing the calculation before aggregation?

I have seen the OLAP selection behavior chance depending on the multicube so I would like to understand more if this could be controlled somehow in this version.

The system is version BW 3.1c. Patch 12

Many Thanks.