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Aug 11, 2005 at 09:34 PM

Need opinion on accessing Payroll Data


hi all, this is a very interesting question:

Problem: what is posted from payroll for a given payroll period is not shown clearly in the HR clusters due to retroactivity and off-cycle payrolls. example - if a person was supposed to get $2000 acting pay since april and it was only entered in the system today, when the next payroll is run the system will go and update the HR pay clusters for each period affected, so in the current pay period we might have $600 of acting pay and it is divided up for the rest of the periods affected. When I go look at the current pay period it shows $600 dollars, but what is actually posted to CO from payroll is the amount of $2000.

I was wondering if anywhere in the pay clusters we can access information on what is actually posted from payroll after a given payroll period. I've been searching around and cannot find anything, however I did find in the CRT table in the pay clusters where it shows amounts for a given wagetype with accumulation type F, meaning what was paid in a given month (which is what was posted) - doesn anybody have an idea where or if it is possible to get this information for an employee on a pay period by pay period basis.