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Feb 17, 2013 at 04:28 AM

Client Tools and SAP HANA


Does anyone have a link to a listing of SAP BusinessObjects tools or Microsoft tools and the query language and driver they use to access SAP HANA? Specifically I am looking for something similar to the following. I tried filling it out but was not sure on several items in the list.

ToolDriverLanguageAnalysis for OfficeODBO, ODBC, JDBC ??MDX / SQL ??Analysis for OLAPODBO, ODBC, JDBC ??MDX / SQL ??Crystal Reports 2011ODBC / JDBCSQLCrystal Reports 2008ODBC / JDBCSQLCrystal Reports for EnterpriseODBC / JDBC / Universe (.UNX)SQLWeb Intelligence 3.1ODBC / JDBC via Universe (UNV or UNX), MDX via BWpbHANASQLWeb Intelligence 4.0ODBC / JDBC via Universe (UNV or UNX), BICS via BWpbHANASQLMicrosoft ExcelODBO, ODBC, JDBCMDX / SQL ??Explorer 4.0ODBC / JDBC / (Optional Universe but not advised)SQLDashboards 4.0ODBC / JDBC via Universe (UNX), BICS via BWpbHANA, QaaWS or BIWS via WebI or UniverseSQLXcelsius 2008QaaWS or BIWS via WebI or UniverseSQL?

If no such lists exists, this might be a good place to start one.