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Feb 16, 2013 at 11:23 PM

BPC 7.5 NW - Reporting Error


Hi Experts,

I'm having a very weird problem with some BPC customs reports. The manual entries that we created in BPC for profit and loss (P&L) accounts are not been displayed properly.

Basically, if we create an entry to the P&L account #1 for 100USD we want that our reports shows/calculate the opposite amount for the same account in the next period only when we execute a report using the “Periodic” measure. See this example:

P&L Account

Period 1

Period 2




In period 1 we created a journal entry for 100USD and if we run a report for period 2, using Periodic measure, we want to see -100USD

Is important to mention that we don’t want to have the value “-100” posted in the next period, we only want to display it. Then when we start with the actions in period 2 and we post an entry in period 2 for 200USD, if we run a report for period 2 (using Periodic measure) we should see 200USD and not “-100+200=100”. But for period 3 we should see -200USD (if we execute the period 3 report using Periodic)

We saw exactly the same issue before (the last time that we made a support package upgrade) and SAP told us to implement the OSS Note 1687536. By applying this OSS Note, the issue was fixed.

Now, that we are moving to a new version (SAP_BW 701 0011 SAPKW70111 SAP Business Warehouse) we are having the same problem again.

I’m not sure if this is an issue with LAG / LEAD functions, is a problem with the measure, a problem in our data sources for manual entries, or is a capability that we are losing in the new support package.

Can you provide me your thoughts?

Thanks in advances!!