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Aug 11, 2005 at 04:04 PM

Problem with TableView using iterator render_row_start


I am using the iterator method render_row_start for filtering my TableView by setting P_SKIP_ROW = 'X'.

This works fine, when I have little data in my table and all entries could be displayed on 1 page. But when I have more data and the correct rows are on the end of the table, the filter result is displayed in that way, that first page is empty and filtered data are on page 2.

The strange thing is, that also header and filter line are missing on page 2.

We also use the server side filter at the same time. But for testing purposals i also used the

filter = "APPLICATION"

with no effect... same problem.

When using no visibleRowCount also everything works.

Any Idea what is missing?

We are using WebAS 6.20 SP 51.

<htmlb:tableView id = "rfqlist"

design = "ALTERNATING"

visibleRowCount = "15"

iterator = "<%= ob_iterator %>"

table = "<%= ob_model->it_detail %>"

filter = "SERVER"

sort = "SERVER" >


Any help would be appreciated!