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Aug 11, 2005 at 03:13 PM

Link in Treenode



This is in EP6 SP2. I am using the Prakash's code from this weblog

Build Your Own KM Navigation iView Using HTMLB Tree

I am trying to use this code to display portal favorites (similar in NW portal). Did little modification to the code, I am able to retrieve the user's favorite list and everything is working fine.

The issue for me is to display the contents in the same window( content area) instead of a new window. If I use "target=_top", the link opens in the content area itself, this is working fine. But the issue is, the role which contains the particular link is not opened up in TLN and just the content area gets refreshed with the iview contents

So in "LinkType.EXTERNAL" condition modified "strtext" to display the name instead of href. My plan is to use EPCM.doNavigate so that the user can know the hierarchy of the iview

str3 contains "CollaborationConnector://portal_content/Test/TestRole/TestPg". (If I use original code TestPg is opened, but not the role name,workset name, page gets higlighted)

Link l = new Link("LINK_" + nodeCount++);

String navigationAction = "EPCM.doNavigate('"str3"',1)";


TreeNode name1 = new TreeNode(strid, strtext, name);


name1.setComponent(l); <== added this line

But the above code is not working. There is no link appearing and the area is blank, no errors.

What am I doing wrong or what should I do to so that along with the iview, TLN also opens up.