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Aug 11, 2005 at 03:01 PM

Query not retrieving exact results.


I have a query which shows different result from what i have it in the cube.

I have a document number in rows and two key figures one amount and another which shows no. of days for clearance. In the cube, for the same selection criteria , it gives me three records for the same document no. but in query its is gving me one record with different values in KF.


In cube

Doc Amount No. Days for CLearance

59 100 31

59 400 14

59 500 38

In query the result shows as

59 1000 1

Any Ideas where it is doing wrong. No of days for clearance is calculated from the difference btw posting date and clearing date. I need No. of Days to further develop this query.Is it something to do with compression, or query cache..

Any Ideas!!1

Thanks in Advance..