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Feb 15, 2013 at 07:58 AM

SAP HANA Index server crashed due to Memory issue


Hi All,

We are facing memory issues in one of the SAP HANA server.(SAP HANA Revision 47 on Linux)

The index server has crashed and when I tried to restart the entire instance, only name server and pre processer are running but the index server, statistics server and hdbxsengine are failing to start.

hdbdaemon is in initializing state.

when I checked the logs I could see memory allocation issues.

PFB the log of the index server


[IPMM_MEMORY] IPMM information: (2013-02-15 12:57:55 000 Local)

Inter Process Memory Management

IPMM shared memory segment: SAP_IPMM_0009_H01

SId= Process secondary identifier

AB= Allocated bytes by allocators for heap and stacks (inclusive allocator cache)

U= Used bytes for heap and stacks (without allocator cache)

FSL= Free segment list size

PAL= Process allocation limit

TPAL=Temp process allocation limit

Blocked=Memory (TPAL!) blocked/reserved for this process

W =Weight of process

[0] PID=36070, SId=12415259, compactors active, alive, process name: hdbnameserver

AB=1075575428b (1gb), U=1225833963b (1.14gb), FSL=0b, PAL=487925253734b (454.41gb), TPAL=1071050752b (1021.43mb), W=100

! Executing shrink. Process with SlotID 3 requests 466902252b (445.27mb) to shrink, 4524676b (4.31mb) to reserve and garbage collection.

[1] PID=36199, SId=12415760, compactors active, alive, process name: hdbpreprocessor

AB=122073088b (116.41mb), U=273695759b (261.1mb), FSL=0b, PAL=487925253734b (454.41gb), TPAL=122073088b (116.41mb), W=100

[2] PID=36216, SId=12415960, compactors active, alive, process name: hdbindexserver

AB=931041280b (887.91mb), U=1102010388b (1.2gb), FSL=0b, PAL=487925253734b (454.41gb), TPAL=931041280b (887.91mb), W=100

[3] PID=36224, SId=12416061, compactors active, alive, process name: hdbstatisticsse

AB=135325052b (129.5mb), U=304525489b (290.41mb), FSL=0b, PAL=3087007744b (2.87gb), TPAL=135325052b (129.5mb), W=100

!! Requesting shrink...

[4] PID=36243, SId=12416162, compactors inactive, alive, process name: hdbxsengine

AB=41893888b (39.95mb), U=?, FSL=?, PAL=3087007744b (2.87gb), TPAL=41893888b (39.95mb), W=100

Global max allocation limit=3221225472b (3gb), cached sum of allocation limits=3087007744b (2.87gb)

#checks for cached allocation limit sum=721, #terminated processes since last reset=0

#processes=5, sum of temp process allocation limits=2301384060b (2.14gb), cached sum=3087007744b (2.87gb), weight sum=500, cached weight sum=500

cached shared memory usage=785623684b (749.22mb), temp shared memory allocation limit=785623684b (749.22mb)

IPMM reservation=0b, emergency reservation=134217728b (128mb)

3 early exits since creation of IPMM, provide-memory-counter=85

Provide memory 83 failed (PID=36216), only 3863932b were free.

Users respected in shm calculation: [1002]


Please advice what needs to be done, because I could see lot of free memory available at OS level but some how the application is not able to allocate free memory to the server processes.

Thanks in advance