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Feb 15, 2013 at 07:04 AM

Hiding Print Version Button in Purchase Order Overview Screen of SNC


Hi all,

We have a requirement of hiding the standard 'Print Version' alv button in the Purchase Order Overview screen in SAP SNC.

The master component is /SCF/UIWD (SNC Web dynpro component).

The master component is utilizing /SCF/BSP2WD component for this screen. In this component, I cannot see any usage for alv declared. It seems the alv has been created dynamically. The technical help(refer attachment) for the button doesn't give any conclusive evidence where the code for the alv button is written.

I observe that an assistance class /SCF/ CL_UIWD_ASSIST is being used.

Also, In BSP_CONTROLLER View, I find a method CREATE_COMPONENT_USAGE which has some coding present for ALV.

b) ALV Tableview

if wd_comp_controller->go_tbv_usage_grp is initial.

* Create component usage group for SALV_WD_TABLE

wd_comp_controller->go_tbv_usage_grp = lo_cmp_api->create_cmp_usage_group(


used_component = 'SALV_WD_TABLE' ).


However, I have no idea how to use this to refer to the Print Version Button and use it to hide it.

Any inputs on this would really be helpful.