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Feb 14, 2013 at 06:54 AM

Suddenly Fails to Login (CrystalDecisions.Enterprise.SessionMgr)



I'm using BOE 4.0 and it access my reports through ASP.NET application.

The reports works fine for five months after installation, but suddenly I have experience report is not showing in any of my application reports.

I debug the application and found out that the login fails even it uses valid account, this happens twice successively for short period of time(week interval).

I restarted the SIA but still login failed, finally I restarted the server (hosting the BOE) and everything goes back to normal, all report is working fine.

The ASP.NET application is critical and should not experience downtime for any reports as much as possible.

I need you help if you have any idea what is possible cause of the problem and possible solution.



This is the code that access the report


CrystalDecisions.Enterprise.SessionMgr boSessionMgr;

boSessionMgr = new CrystalDecisions.Enterprise.SessionMgr();

_instance_boEnterpriseSession = boSessionMgr.Logon(CRS_ICMSReportViewerAccount, CRS_ICMSReportViewerPassword, CRS_HostServerName, CRS_AuthenticationTpye);