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Aug 11, 2005 at 10:04 AM

Problems with AddOn Installation file


Hello there,

i'm trying to make an AddOn.

Now i read a lot of threads and the help files as well. But there's alway written "create an installation file"

But thats my problem. I think the example from the SDK 'AddOnInstaller' would help me a lot but i can't load it with VisualStudio.NET 2002.

i copied the .vb file with the class "frmInstall" but i don't have the code the creation of an object of this class, so i made a 'sub main'

Sub Main()

Dim oFrmInstall As frmInstall

oFrmInstall = New frmInstall()


End Sub

but i need a 'System.Windows.Forms.Run'

if i put this bevor show() the application is running, and waiting for events, and don't show my form.

If i write it after show() the application may end during the load-event (e.g. if there are not 2 command line arg)

and after that i start the application again?

now i'm in big trouble

can you help me please?

maybe u have the AddOnInstaller Example for VS.NET 2002 or any other complete Sample for the installation file?

i don't have enougth time to learn about how to handle installshield or any other progam 😔