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Feb 12, 2013 at 01:04 PM

Some DS101 Questions...


How or when can I create my own templates in DS? - Or where would I find the "fujijama" one which is always in the presentations?

How can I download a DS App from the Bi4 server - so that it would work locally? or is this entirely out of scope?

How is the serverconnection handling? I recently had to reset my server BW connections PWD - and my DS APP in the DS could not reflect the PWD changes until bw denied my access again? - Am I the only one who has or sees a problem here?
Will be there an enhanced code editor with search and replace functions? or - even better - would DS itself track renamed app - objects ?

Will the performance of DS iPad Apps increase with the next release?

How is the execute on Bi Platform feature meant to work - it should take the proberties from the bi login - but it does not work at my installations - afaik I have all avail. patches installed...

only a shortlist of questions ;-)