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Feb 12, 2013 at 11:05 AM

Hide total of a subtotal alv grid OOPs


Hi Guru's,

I am developing a z report using OOPs ALV set_table_for_first_display method. I want to hide total of a subtotal, for eg:

it is displaying the data according to Unit, it is showing the subtotal for each unit, at the end that particular subtotal on that date it showing whole total, i dont want that total, i want to hide that total line, but want the grand total, below is my report display

Posting date Material Packing Machinewise confirmation Warehouse reciept UOM

1.11.2012 100 25 BOX

1.11.2012 50 40 TIN

150 65

2.11.2012 12 10 BOX

2.11.2012 50 40 TIN

2.11.2012 50 40 NOS

112 90

Above report is sub totaled according to Date and UOM, TIN BOX NOS are separate units, it should not show whole total of the sub total (line marked in red).

But the grand total at the last row should come. I am not doing sub total in program, am doing it after the alv is displayed in the screen. Is there any way do that.