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Aug 11, 2005 at 01:01 AM

Transporting into QA!!



I am taking over an XI assignment from another person and found that they haven't done any transport of SLD or directory components. The only transports across the landscape has been the repository objects. The directory and SLD components have been re-created in QA and PRD.

My question is I have created a new product and SWCV and couple of business systems with their target groups in DEV. I need to transport to QA. If I export the complete CIM object it will clash in QA as its a diff GUIDS in QA and PROD. Do I have to export the new product(created by myself), SWCV , business sytems as diff export files and import them into QA?? Will this be added as a delta import into QA? I am afraid it might overwrite the current file in QA..Correct me if I am wrong..

The basic question is I need to transport a new scenario into QA ..And the SLD transport needs to have only the new product , SCVW and the new business systems..

Any help is appreciated...