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Hello ,

Can any one explain me what is SPP and how does it work . Is there any Buliding block for implementing SPP . Is SPP similar to DP/SNP/GATP. What is BOD ????



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2 Answers

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    Posted on Feb 12, 2013 at 04:43 AM

    Hello Nick,

    SPP supports complex aftermarket supply chain processes, allowing users to plan across millions of service part/location combinations. For detailed info about SPP & BOD please go through



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    Posted on Aug 27, 2014 at 08:09 PM

    Hi NICK,

    SPP stands for Spare Parts Planning.

    Its stand unique from traditional APO modules, SPP incorporates few/more properties from other modules like SNP, GATP, DP (Not completely).

    SPP mainly designed for Automative industry where the demand is uncertain, its not specific to production industry. No inhouse production effectively planned in SPP as it does not include PPM/PDS anywhere.

    How it works

    Tactical Planning

    Demand Capturing - (Derived from APO DP and BI) used to capture the past sales histories. Histories are loaded into BI (Cubes) and serves as the base for forecasting. (It comes with STD DSOs, CUBEs, Multiproviders - No need for Planning Area, CVC, Planning Books etc)

    PSM - Planning service Manager, Container which as all SAP delivered service which runs based on the triggers with respect each product locations.

    Triggers - Each PSM service will look for its specific Trigger and selections (Eg PSM Forecasting service will run for those Product Locations which has Trigger RLG_DONE which will be set by system whenever History added or changed)

    Forecasting - Derived from DP but has enhanced forecasting technique specific to Automative industry. Statistical, composite , Automatic model selections. Uses PSM forecasting services.

    Inventory Planning - Uses PSM to derive the best Economic Order Qty and Safety Stock values.

    Operational Planning.

    Starts with DRP - Distribution Requirement Planning after IP, We dont run SNP here.. DRP will look at the available stock information and takes into account of future demand and then plans for replenishment.

    Deployment - deployment of procured/replenishment products into their original required location from entry location (where goods normally received frm supplier)

    Inventory Balancing - Uses Fair Share and priority rules to deliver best replenishment methods according to current situation. Excess and shortage are taken care

    Surplus and OBS planning - Name itself suggests you what it will do.

    Shortage Analysis - Reporting of overdues and system/planning status of you SCP.

    All works with PSM as base.

    BOD - Bill Of Distribution.

    All Tactical and Operational Planning works based on BOD. Similar to how important PPM/PDS for standard APO modules.

    BOD is a master data where the hierarchy of locations will be designed.

    Eg. BOD - Wash.

    Washington is a parent location has two child location Chicago and Texas.

    Demand/History - Chicago and Texas demand will be added and summed to Washington, based on that forecasting will be done for Washington.

    DRP - Based on the Forecast results and inventories, Plans procurement strategies (Releases/PO will be generated and sent to ECC)

    Deployment - Stocks will be received at Washington and deployed to Chicago and Texas according to their original demand.

    Hope this Helps



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