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Jan 06, 2017 at 12:39 PM

Data not displaying in IBP Excel add in


Hi all,

Can anyone help please? I have loaded 'actualsqty' data into IBP 1611 at day prod loc cust level via the provided template. When querying this data in the Excel add in, I get a message 'no data'. However, I find that the IO Sales KF is displaying the sum of 'actuals qty' loaded for that product at a 'no location' level.

Also - in the same template 'AdjustedSensedDemandQty' is loaded. Again, this is not showing in Excel. However 'Copy of Combined Final Demand for Copy Operator KF' is populated with this value. Looking at the calculation for this KF - it is ultimately derived from 'AdjustedSensedDemandQty'

Can anyone help explain why the KF data as loaded is not displayed, but KF's calculated from the loaded data is showing?

many thanks