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Former Member
Aug 10, 2005 at 05:42 PM

Non GUI alternative to PB10 Transaction (infpotypes 22 and 24)


Hi guys,

This is a java foreigner in the ABAP land.

I hope I am asking the correct question.

This is the situation:

In order to send a "candidates resume" (curriculum) in to SAP, the ABAP developers made for me a RFC which uses the transaction PB10 (applicant master data).

The RFC when tested in the SAP GUI works fine.

I wrote a java client which calls the RFC, send the parameters and expect the results. This client uses JCO to access SAP.

But, from the java client the RFC works PARTIALLY,

it doesnt fill the education a qualifications (infotypes 22 and 24), and throws error message:

"Exception condition "CNTL_ERROR" raised"

It seem there is an GUI missed, but from JCO I cannot use GUI.

So, I need a non-GUI alternative transaction to the PB10, which writes the data in the infotype 22 and 24.

So, the question here is:

Does somebody knows a non-GUI alternative to the PB10 in order to write the infotypes 22 and 24??

Thanks in advance,