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Aug 10, 2005 at 05:04 PM

changing DB parameters on live cube


i have a small number of infocubes with approximately 200,000,000 rows of data each. all of the logical database parameters (SE13) for the E & F tables are at the default settings (class "DFACT" and size cat "4"). the db-storage parameter setting inside the cube are also set to the default (fact table = DFACT & 4; dimension table is DDIM & 0; and the aggregate parameters are all blank).

i would like to change all the relevant parameters to the appropriate settings for the data volume. i have changed the size category to 9 in se13 and to 9 & 4 (fact table dim table respectively) inside the cube.

so here is my question... is it safe to transport these changes up to a full cube? i noticed that i had to unlock the infoobjects in the cube when changing the db storage parameters but it successfully transported to a loaded cube in our QA instance. additionally, the se13 changes to the E & F table did not require deleting any data in the cube.

i have search OSS and most of the references to this matter deal with the 2.x release and we are on 3.5 (and oracle is the dbms).

if anyone would share their experience with the above issue it would be greatly appreciated.