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Aug 10, 2005 at 04:51 PM

Big Problem: ABAP-RFC and JCO client


Hi Friends,

I am a java developer in trouble with a ABAP/RFC, and I dont have idea whoe lese ask for help 😔

This is the situation:

In order to send a "candidates resume" (curriculum) in to SAP,

the ABAP developers made for me a RFC which uses the transaction PB10 (applicant master data).

The rFC when tested in the SAP GUI works fine.

I wrote a java client which calls the RFC, send the parameters and expect the results.

This client uses JCO to access SAP.

But, from the java client the RFC works PARTIALLY.

I mean, it creates the applicant, fills his name, address (infotypes 002,006,001)

but doesnt fill the education a qualifications (infotypes 22 and 24).

I am trying to figure why.

Some of the internal ABAP errors code that we get are:

DC -006

PA -054

5A -135

Also I get this message:

"Exception condition "CNTL_ERROR" raised"

Please, I am a java-per lost in the SAP land.

Thanks in advance by any help!!!

PD: I could sent you the ABAP code of the RFC or the java code of the client if necessary.