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transfer order create not possible for 281mvt

Jan 06, 2017 at 11:53 AM


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Hello all

Our business is following the scenario:

1.Business will crate the PO with account assignment as Q for wbs 999900-9.then MIGO_create the transfer order with LT06. now stock is showing in warehouse with bin. example 001-TESTunder storage type 001. quant1 is created will do bin to bin transfer for example bin 001-TEST to bin 001-DEFECT under storage type 001 with above wbs 999900-9 by using LT10. here quant 2 is created

now the material is in bin 001-DEFECT of storage type 001 will create the outbound delivery ( from WBS with reservation number by using 281 mvt).

note: WBS is valuated project stock with project profile is customer project.

4. business will do transfer order creation from delivery above step3. while doing we see error message "available qty bin is zero".

Question: how to do the transfer order creation from delivery LT03 in this case?

what is the correct source bin here? how the source bin will update the stock?

Thank you

Best reagrds

Pabbati Obulesu

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1 Answer

Jürgen L Jan 06, 2017 at 01:53 PM

The situation is not clear.

you talked about a bin called 001-TEST and another called 001-DEFECT

Is the bin name the only thing from which you know whether a material is good or bad? Don't you use QM module with inspection lots and usage decisions? Don't you move goods from unrestricted use to blocked stock if they have a bad quality?

Outbound deliveries can usually only use unrestricted use stock, you can't ship blocked stock

whether the goods are valuated or not is pretty meaningless for a WM, as WM has only quantity management.

Beside of a quality status a material can as well not be available for a TO creation if a putaway has not yet been confirmed. You have to perform your activities in the right sequence.

Check your LS24 screen, it tells you the status of your quants and shows you how much is available where.

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Hello Jurgen L

Thank you for your inputs.

There is no QM module in our client.i gave the examples for understanding of bin as 001-TEST ( bin1) and 001-DEFECT (bin2).

one more thing found that after stock transfer (LT10 )from bin to bin, the icon status should be locked. but in this case still it is allowing for stock transfer of bin to bin again.

available is 1 qty in LS24. . LS24 screen is also not refreshing, still pick qty is zero. LS26 screen also not refreshing.

So due to this we are not able to create the transfer order for the delivery.

Best reagards

Pabbati Obulesu


sorry, I probably need a video to understand what you are saying.

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Jürgen L


Please find the attached screens fro your reference.

ls24.jpg (46.8 kB)
lt03-screen.jpg (58.3 kB)

The special stock number does not look equal in your screenshots from LX12 and LT03

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Jürgen L

Hello Jurgen

Thank you for providing inputs.

Business is interesting new functionality with "automatic requirement grouping". please see screens for the same.

project-automatic-requirement-group.jpg, wbs-screen-with-grouping-functionality.jpg

in this case how to reverse those transfer orders created for old wbs element available in the system. because PO was created with old wbs value/GR posted/TO created with material documents? it seems LT15 is not work because of it was created on basis of purcahse orders.

if it is delivery VL09 and LT0G will work perfect.

or shall we create the new delivery with wbs as project number (six digits)

Please advice.

best reagrds

Pabbati Obulesu


is't it the other way around? You have a delivery with the 6 digit project number, but you have your stock with the long number, hence you need a delivery with the long number for your goods issue.

Or you need to reverse the receipt and the purchase order and re-create it with the short number.