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Feb 07, 2013 at 03:53 PM

Quickviewer (SQVI): How to set RTMODE-OLDENV <> ' ' ?


Dear Community

We are using transaction SQVI to create quick views and generate the corresponding reports (e.g. AQFUSYSTQV000004ZTEST_USC2==== for quick view ZTEST_USC2).

Following the START-OF-SELECTION event the report calls the following module:



call function 'RSAQRT_CHECK_EXTR'
exporting extr_subrc = %subrc
tables dtab = %dtab
changing rtmode = %runmode.

Variable %runmode (data type RTMODE) has a field called OLDENV which, by default, is blank. If the value of OLDENV were not equal to space then this module would export the extracted data into the ABAP memory:


* Daten ins Memory stellen
if rtmode-dkind = space.
export listtext from l_title
list_id from rtmode-lid
program from rtmode-act_report
listdesc from l_ldesc
ldata from dtab
fpairs from l_fpairs
variant from sy-slset
empty from l_empty
to memory id 'AQLISTDATA'.


This is exactly what we would like to achieve.

QUESTION: Is there any way to set RTMODE-OLDENV <> space?

Please note the following comment (in German) at the beginning of the module:


* bei normaler Abarbeitung nur Auswertung des Returncodes des Extraktors
if rtmode-oldenv = space.


The generated report itself has 3 interesting FORM routines which are not called directly within the report. Again there is a comment talking about an old API:


* special code for old API and BW extractor calls

form %set_data changing p_lines type i.

import ldata to %dtab from memory id 'AQLISTDATA'.
describe table %dtab lines p_lines.
free memory id 'AQLISTDATA'.


form %get_data tables p_dtab structure %dtab
using p_first type i
p_last type i.

append lines of %dtab from p_first to p_last to p_dtab.


form %get_ref_to_table using p_lid type aql_lid
p_ref type ref to data
p_subrc type i.

Obviously, these 3 routines do exactly what we want to achieve, namely accessing the extracted quick view data from the ABAP memory.

Any hints about how to make use of these routines and how we can achieve our goal is very much appreciated.

Best Regards