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Feb 07, 2013 at 03:47 PM

Unit of measure is coming different in conformation screen


We have one process order, which has recipe1. This recipe has different activity including utility, labor, duration for work center. Every where including in recipe, order, work center unit of measure for activity is 24 H, but when we go to conformation screen COR6 for order1, system shows 420,000,000.000 MSE (milli second). I'm not sure where are we missing & what?

I checked this order with different id at different system, but still I get default activity in conformation screen in MSE. So far this issue never happen for same material as well. This is first time only. Users are getting confuse in conformation screen b'se they are not sure how many MSE should they confirm? They can change 24 H in COR6, but why system shows in MSE?

Can you help me to investigate?