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Aug 10, 2005 at 12:33 PM

Update Rules Fail due to # character


Can anyone help please.

I am having problems loading transaction data into my production BW system where a text field contains a # ( or appears to ).

In the monitor the load show as being in error in the update rules, for example with the following error.

Data records for package 1 selected in PSA - 1 error(s)

Record 13 :Value '12345678 Mrs Joan Smith ' (hex. ' ') of characteristic ZLONGTXT contains

I can go and edit the records in the PSA and reprocess but then more error records are found and when looking on the source system the number of records containing the # run into the 1000's.

I have checked the list of permitted characters and this does contain #.

I have copied the contents of the invalid field into a package on my development system and this processed without any problems.

My development and my production systems seem to be in step with infoobject definitions and list of permitted characters.

I can't see any further options on the info package that would cause the problem.

Any advice greatly appreciated.