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Feb 07, 2013 at 09:13 AM

ME51N/me52N Add extra fields/columns to the Source of Supply table


Hi Experts

I have tried to add extra columns to the Source of Supply table in transaction ME51N/ME52N.
First I tried to find a BADI or User exit - but no luck (I have read in another tread that it has to me a modification!!)

OK, then I enhanced the structure MEREQ3326 with my extra items. So far so good!
Afterwards I have made a modification in the Include LMEGUICJV in the method "set_model".
Here I read and add the extra data to the table MY_TABLE!

The result is that the table on Source of Supply in ME52N is populated with the wanted data.

BUT BUT. When i try to select another row in the Source of Supply, the data I added to the table is cleared???!!
I have tried a lot of debugguing, but haven't succeeded in findig the place where the data is cleared!

(Take a look on the attached file!)

Any hints to help me??

Best regards
Carsten 😀


me52n.jpg (399.3 kB)