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Aug 10, 2005 at 10:25 AM

Developing portlet applocations. (Question after IBM experience)


1. Is there another way to deploy PAR (not in SAP NDS) ?

2. Which UI framework/taglibs is the best for portlets (HTMLB, WebDynPRO, html with scriplets and so on)?

For example in IBM I could use only 2 tags in forms

<form action='<portletAPI:createURI><portletAPI:URIAction name="submit" /></portletAPI:createURI>' >
<INPUT name="<portletAPI:encodeNamespace value='name'/>" />

Is there the same taglibs in SAP(If I dont want to use HTMLB or WebDynPro) ? May I use JSF ?

3. If my application has portlets and servlets. Do I need to create 2 projects and 2 archives (.war for servlets .par for portlets)?