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Feb 06, 2013 at 02:20 PM

Afaria SP1 Hotfix 17 in Amazon EC2 - Unable to send notification to iOS / Android


Hi experts,

1. After installing Afaria SP1 Hotfix 17 in Amazon EC2, I am unable to send notifications to iOS devices.

In the server log, I get these error messages:

ONS1046: Controlling device UDID:257b02304f7441b060460c023b3db3c21a636f74 - Fail-Not under MDM control

ONS1043: Notifying UDID:257b02304f7441b060460c023b3db3c21a636f74 - Fail-Unable to determine iOS Client notification method

2. As for Android devices, after setting up the Google Cloud Messaging (GSM) and tying the GCM Project ID to the enrollment policy, I get this error message in the server log when I try to deploy policy:

ONS1025: Expected to notify the Client, "41c769127eb2adce", with Client GUID, "{CE3C008D-6BCA-338A-AFB7-8B21973C85F5}" at Address "", but instead found the Client, "AFARIAONAMAZON", with Client GUID, "{8C2B57DE-A497-48BD-A29D-8FDDC1E59B65}" at that address.

Any help or insight on this matter is greatly appreciated.


Kok Keong