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MSDS is in status generation possible always

Hi everyone,

I have 2 issues:


I am trying to create a msds report from the specification. When I check the report in CG56, the document is in the status " Generation possible" for a longer time ( say 2 days also)

and would not change the status. How do i release the report or change the status of this report. Is there any config change needs to be made to prepare the report immediately?.OR in doc type SBR, do i need to make any changes. Please explain.

2. When I try to create a report from specification, error pops up " Cannot create report for specification XXXXXXXX, variant YYYYYYY, language DE.

what is the reason for this and where am i comitting mistake.

Thanks and Regards


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    Posted on Feb 06, 2013 at 12:59 PM

    Hi Dhinesh,

    for the first issue -

    there could be couple of reasons -

    1. Generation variant data not created properly - for ex - Rating/Validity data, Initial release status - other than "RE", etc.,

    2. WWI RFC connections not proper.

    3. Batch jobs not scheduled related to wwi reports.

    4. there could be a possibility in the wwi template, the symbols which does have function modules which were not react that time of report generation.

    to cross check the same, whether this is related to Master data (or) wwi related. i can ask you to do a small test in your development system. Use CG36VEN transaction to create a report. use the same pseciification and report generation variant. If it's working fine and the report is with the status released........then we can conclude the issue is in the other side (wwi related).

    for the second Issue -

    check the Generation variant YYYYYYY, check the "validity area" field and "Rating/ Validity", Here if you are using other than the language "DE", obviously it will give this kind error.

    In generation variant, if you are maintaining the language in "Rating/Validity", input the same language while generating the report in specification.



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    • Dear Dinesh

      in regards to:

      Now my next question is " If a EHSM server is installed centrally does it still require a local installation as well as referred in other blogs in SCN?

      Answer is yes: you need a local installation. This local installation can be "skipped" for end users using EnhPack 3 options; but the developer needs a local installation.

      I have never touched a company who has now a complete "central" set up. Therefore most of the companies still use local installation.

      Regarding; importing vendor msds => just refer to online help: Currently we have two solutions in place; the "classic" one and a more "user" friendly one. Both are explained quite well in SAP online help.

      IN regards of:

      Further more, if you have any documentation regarding creation of report template like MSDS using screenshots

      check the many documewnts we have now regarding WWI. WWI is like ABAP. If you have understood the "basics" you can learn step by step. For WWI: I would assume that you need one year of "basic" WWI stuff, then one year of advanced WWI stuff and in the third year you are reday for use of GLM (depends clearly how often you have the chanxce to work on WWI topics).


      PS: Currently if you google. there a lots of videos available for EHS, not all of good quality; but some might help you in the start up phase..