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Aug 10, 2005 at 08:04 AM

Basic principle of XI scenarios and business systems



from my point of view there is no way to <b>reuse</b> a business system in more than one XI scenario. Is that correct?

And so a scenario in the integration builder represents a container of all "business scenarions" with two or more participating business systems within one XI szenario. If I have different business processes in use e.g. I have to send different IDOCs, files, ... between these business systems all these real scenarios are collected within one XI scenario. <b>And so one XI scenario is the collection of all business scenarios between these business systems.</b> Correct?

If i want to encapsulate different business scenarios (to reduce complexity in integration builder) in different XI scenarios - that is not possible. One possible (bad)solution: I have to copy existing business systems and give different names. But so I increase the complexity in the SLD.

What do you think about that problem? Is that really a problem?